Check out video from our 2014 training classes.

Check out video from past classes and training opportunities.

Student simulating running to safe room, loading gun, and attempting to get intruder to leave before having to shoot. This drill encourages doing everything possible to get a possible intruder to leave before having to use deadly force. All this is done while inducing a fraction of the stress felt during a real encounter. Tactical Range Solutions believes in preparing students as much as possible so they can put the odds in their favor if ever faced with a life threatening encounter.


What happens if you are knocked down and must shoot? Is this a situation you’ve trained for?


Students staying after class to continue practicing. We encourage students to practice as much as possible and encourage them to stay after class to try out different firearms. When the student goes to purchase a new pistol, they have already had the opportunity to try various guns and can make a better informed decision on their next pistol purchase.


Private Security Team training. First time working with this group to move and shoot while reloading and keeping constant rounds down range while their partners reload. These guys showed excellent team work on their first time ever doing this!

Matt at the Livingston Police Combat Pistol Shoot on 10-8-14

Rick doing a long gun to pistol transition drill while on the move.

Matt at Field and Steam IDPA Practice Shoot on 9-18-14.


Matt demonstrating shooting from the retention position when a two-handed grip and aiming is not possible.


Lead instructor Matt Shapley at an IDPA practice shoot.